Quality of printing


When printing A4 prints myself I use Epson inks with Epson paper on an Epson printer. This combination comes out well in many reviews about print quaility as I hope you can see in the image of the horse and the clarity of the eye.


It is hard to say how long images last. Test reviews have suggested (from 'accelerated test conditions') if kept in a photo album, prints should last 80years - I'd rather just think they last long enough to be appreciated.


For maximum longevity, some of my images are available at greater cost, from professional printing services, so customers can mount and frame in their own chosen way.


Bearing in mind that even photographs costing thousands of pounds are still not meant to be placed in direct sun light, I suggest that no picture from Aspect Photos is placed where the sun can shine on it.


Please note: the above information is about the framed images. I have not found product review information about the small canvass prints used without a frame and do not know how long they last without fading.


Regarding cards in envelopes, these are professionally printed for both appearance and permanence.


All my work is indivudally prepared and presented with care and attention. Every picture is slightly different and offered with good quality materials (e.g. acid free mounting tape), from the professional suppliers.